Game Ready Cold Therapy in Red Bank

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Game Ready Cold Therapy in Red Bank

If you’ve suffered a musculoskeletal injury or had an orthopedic surgery, you want to get back to the activities you love as quickly as possible. Game Ready® goes beyond treating symptoms, helping your body to heal faster and recover better.

Leading Edge Technology

The Game Ready System is comprised of an advanced control unit and a range of ergonomic wraps. Using revolutionary ACCEL® Technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop), the proven system integrates pneumatic compression and adjustable cold therapies to safely reduce swelling and pain, decrease the need for narcotic medications, and naturally accelerate recovery.

Better Results

The Game Ready System’s patented dual-action ATX® (Active Temperature Exchange) wraps are designed to optimize therapeutic cold and compression treatment of all major body parts. The wraps provide circumferential coverage and better surface contact for improved performance – and because they fit better, they’re more comfortable too.


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